Honoring a record 107 Irvine Valley Scholar Athletes in 2019-20

Honoring a record 107 Irvine Valley Scholar Athletes in 2019-20

Irvine Valley athletics had 96 scholar athletes at the end of the 2017-18 school year and in 2018-19 IVC went over 100 scholar athletes for the first time with 103 being recognized.

But a new record was set this past year with 107 student-athletes earning scholar distinction as part of the 2019-20 Irvine Valley Athletics Annual Awards.

Every one of the 12 Irvine Valley sports had athletes recoginzed and 19 Lasers earned a 4.0 grade point average, which was another milestone.

IVC Scholar-Athlete awards are made to all student-athletes who use a season of eligibility and achieve a 3.0 or better GPA in at least 12 units. First-year student-athletes' (freshmen and transfers) GPAs are calculated on the Fall term grades, while returning student-athletes must achieve the GPA in the previous two full academic terms

The baseball team led the way with 23 total players. The women's basketball team and men's volleyball team each had 13 students honored and the women's volleyball indoor/beach had 12 recognized.

The impressive 19 student student athletes to earn a 4.0 grade point average were Soleil Zsibrita, Sabrina Mendy, Nicole Harper and Ariyana Ash from women's tennis, David Dorado, Casey Kudell and Dane Nakatsuka from baseball, Truth Hafey, Lea Kruse and Kendall Nolan from women's indoor/beach volleyball, Maggie Wu and Yuen Chen from badminton, Gabby Samiy and Zoe Stachowski from women's basketball, Peter Kim and Max Wise from men's volleyball, Jamie Bald from women's soccer, Blake Anderson from men's tennis and Connor O'Brien from men's golf.

The full list of Irvine Valley's 106 scholar athletes is below. 


Chen, Yuen* 

Gong, Shihan~ 

Wang, Chieh Yun^ 

Wu, Shu Hui*


Bixler, Jakob⌂

Carpenter, Dallas⌂ 

Castillo, Christian⌂ 

Catalino, Dante⌂

Cossette, Joseph^

Dobson, Kyle⌂

Dorado, David*

Haggerty, Jack^ 

Hatzenbeuhler, Conner^ 

Haw, Robert⌂

Hayden, Steven⌂

Johannes, Ethan⌂

Kudell, Casey*

Lapolla, Joseph⌂

Little, Dane~

Locicero, Sterling~ 

Nakatsuka, Dane*

Neves, Connor⌂

Nock, Justin⌂

Rawlings, Kyle~

Villegas, Collin⌂

Walsh, Jameson~ 

Wilkison-Schenk, Bradley⌂

Basketball, Men's

Franklin, Max⌂

Owens, Devin⌂

Rausch, Mitchell~

Robinson, Jovan⌂

Roczey, Bryce⌂

Strings, Aaron⌂

Waite, Colby^

Womack, Aashad^

Basketball, Women's

Castro, Naomi⌂

Ersu, Alara⌂

Higgins, Morgan~

Kohn, Caitlyn~

Luu, Kaitlyn~

Murakami-Hanashiro, Kelli~

Nguyen, Katie~

Samiy, Gabby*

Silva, Danielle~

Stachowski, Zoe*

Suruor, Jessica⌂

Uehara, Samantha⌂

Washington, Anai⌂

Golf, Men's

Flamer-Caldera, Armand⌂

Humble, Caleb⌂

Knight, Cooper⌂

O'Brien, Connor*

Williams, Greg^

Soccer, Men's

Asabi, Gbanzi⌂

Boquet, Chase~

Doverspike, Kyler⌂

Hayes, Garrett⌂

Johnson, Scott⌂

Kim, Dowan⌂

Kim, Gibae⌂

Kleinhammes, Max^

Mojica, Albert⌂

Soccer, Women's

Bald, Jamie*

Faber, Katelyn⌂

Keskamol, Natcha⌂

Kutcher, Amanda^

Llamas, Ramona^

Lobo, Brooke~

Lugo Natural, Diana⌂

Savin, Cierrra~

Singh, Sachi⌂

Tucker, Natalie⌂

Tennis, Men's 

Anderson, Blake* 

Lafond, Julian~ 

Maya, Mateo^ 

Moros, Luis⌂

Tennis, Women's

Ash, Ariyana*

Harper, Nicole*

Kelly, Collette~

Le, Ashley^

Mendy, Sabrina*

Zsibrita, Soleil*

Volleyball, Men's 

Beymer, Josh^ 

Colline, Mason⌂ 

Gossett, Demetre⌂ 

Griffith, Josh⌂ 

Johnson, Jake~

Kim, Peter* 

McReynolds, Kaena~ 

Partida, Kalob^ 

Ramos, Red Hart⌂ 

Schnitker, Garret⌂ 

Soma, Aaman⌂ 

Wilson, James⌂

Wise, Maxwell*

Volleyball, Women's & Beach

Entesari, Alma~ 

Austin, Kristin^ 

Finley, Erin⌂ 

Gendale-Rodriguez, Alaina⌂

Hafey, Truth* 

Kruse, Lea* 

Pestolis, Alexandra⌂ 

Tafea, Paea⌂

Unke, Anna^ 

Nolan, Kendall* 

Salamone, Kiana⌂ 

Thomas, Alaina^

*4.0 GPA – Summa Cum Laude, Dean's List and IVC Scholar-Athlete 

^3.75-3.99 GPA – Magna Cum Laude, Dean's List and IVC Scholar-Athlete 

~3.50-3.74 GPA – Cum Laude, Dean's List and IVC Scholar-Athlete

⌂3.00-3.49 GPA – IVC Scholar-Athlete

*The Irvine Valley College Dean's List recognizes exemplary academic achievement by full-time students who maintain a minimum 3.5 grade point average while enrolled in 12 or more graded units of study each semester.

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