Hall of Fame

Irvine Valley College Athletics Hall of Fame (Established 2020)

Class of 2020

Peter Johnson - Student-Athlete, Men's Volleyball (Class of 2008)

Julie and Bill Leach - Co-Head Coaches: Cross Country (1990-95)

Eva Lee - Student-Athlete, Badminton (Class of 2006)

Annie Mitchem - Student-Athlete, Women's Indoor and Beach Volleyball (Class of 2015)

Chelsea Pavlik - Student-Athlete, Women's Volleyball (Class of 2009)

Nena Pravongviengkham - Student-Athlete, Women's Basketball (Class of 1997)

Ryan Tinsley - Student-Athlete, Men's Soccer (Class of 1991)

Martin Wagner - Student-Athlete, Men's Volleyball (Class of 1993)

Brad Wilson - Student-Athlete, Men's Soccer (Class of 1993)

Class of 2021

Marisa Doran - Student-Athlete, Women's Indoor and Beach Volleyball (Class of 2015)

Bobby Pearce - Student-Athlete, Baseball (Class of 2002)

Kobi Pekich - Student-Athlete, Women's Indoor and Beach Volleyball (Class of 2015)

Tom Pestolesi - Head Coach, Beach, Men's and Women's Indoor Volleyball (1991-2022)

Vimla Phongasavithas - Student-Athlete, Badminton (Class of 2009)

Chris Satoris - Student-Athlete, Baseball (Class of 2005)

Class of 2022

Hailey Earnest - Student-Athlete, Women's Beach Volleyball (Class of 2016)

Thuy Hoang - Student-Athlete, Badminton (Class of 2011)

Shannon Hsu - Student-Athlete, Badminton (Class of 2009)

Leleaga Meredith - Student-Athlete, Women's Golf (Class of 2014)

Emily Reinking - Student-Athlete, Women's Indoor and Beach Volleyball (Class of 2016)

Class of 2023

Ben Burnett - Head Coach, Men's and Women's Golf (2003-2018)

Javier Callejo - Student-Athlete, Men's Tennis (Class of 2017)

Julie Hanks - Head Coach, Women's Basketball (1998-2022)

Martin McGrogan - Head Coach, Badminton and Men's Soccer (1993-2022)


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