Women's tennis team falls to top-ranked Cerritos in semifinals

Women's tennis team falls to top-ranked Cerritos in semifinals

Irvine Valley's women's tennis team ran into the top squad in the state on Tuesday in the semifinals of the Southern California Regional Team Playoffs.

The third-seeded Lasers lost, 6-0, to No. 1 Cerritos on the road.

It ended the team portion of the season for IVC, which finished with a record of 13-4 overall.

Cerritos (23-1) moved on to face fourth-seeded Glendale, which upset No. 2 Orange Coast, 5-4, on Tuesday. Cerritos hosts Glendale on Saturday with a trip to the state final on the line.

After posting three wins in doubles play, Cerritos needed only two wins in singles play to secure the victory. They got that in the middle of the ladder, as freshmen Kseniia Prokopchuk and Moa Lindstrom to surrender just one game in their straight set victories. The Falcons were winning three of the other four singles matches at the time the team victory was secured.

Prokopchuk teamed with sophomore Lisa Suzuki for an 8-1 doubles win in the #1 position over Irvine Valley freshman Halla Alajeely and sophomore Fiorella Dreux, while Lindstrom paired with sophomore Petra Such for an 8-4 win over IVC's duo of freshmen Abigail Perez and Ariana Hedayati

It was the same score for sophomores Itzi Torres and Diviana Bravo in the third doubles match over the Laser pair of freshman Anna Krechetova and sophomore Lauren MacDonnell.

Irvine Valley plays will next compete in the State Tournament in Ojai Apr. 26-29.


1) Lisa Suzuki/Kseniia Prokopchuk (CERR) def. Halla Alajeely/Fiorella Dreux (IVC), 8-1

2) Petra Such/Moa Lindstrom (CERR) def. Abigail Perez/Ariana Hedayati (IVC), 8-4

3) Itzi Torres/Diviana Bravo (CERR) def. Anna Krechetova/Lauren MacDonnell (IVC), 8-4


1) Halla Alajeely (IVC) led Lisa Suzuki (CERR), 4-3

2) Petra Such (CERR) led Fiorella Dreux (IVC), 6-0, 5-0

3) Kseniia Prokopchuk (CERR) def. Ariana Hedayati (IVC), 6-0, 6-0

4) Moa Lindstrom (CERR) def. Anna Krechetova (IVC), 6-1, 6-0

5) Itzi Torres (CERR) led Abigail Perez (IVC), 6-2

6) Diviana Bravo (CERR) led Lauren MacDonnell (IVC), 6-1, 1-0