Women's beach volleyball team battles with four-year schools

Women's beach volleyball team battles with four-year schools


Irvine Valley's women's volleyball team started a busy weekend on Friday with two home matches against four-year schools.

The Lasers hosted Utah, Concordia and The Master's University.

IVC took on Concordia and The Master's.

Irvine Valley split matches on the day.

It lost to NCAA Division II Concordia, 5-0, but three IVC pairs went to three sets. IVC's fifth flight of freshmen Sevilla Leuteneker and Gabi Brown fell, 15-13, in the third set.

The Lasers responded with a 4-1 win over NAIA The Master's.

Irvine Valley will be back in action on Saturday, playing NCAA Division I Utah at 11 a.m. and then NCAA Cal State Bakersfield at noon.

Cal State Bakersfield features two former IVC players in its lineup - Anna Unke and Alaina Gendale.


Concordia 5, Irvine Valley 0

1. Hannah Phair/Vanessa Bernzen (CUI) def. Jaclyn Sanchez/Emily Guenter (IVC), 21-14, 21-13

2. Sara Ostojic/Hailee Ryan (CUI) def. Jolie Rasmussen/Barett Nolan (IVC), 26-24, 20-22, 15-7

3. Shannon Evans/Tatum Smith (CUI) def. Diamonique Brogan/Chloe Swanson (IVC), 21-13, 10-21, 15-10

4. Eva Prewitt/Isabella Bush (CUI) def. Alexandra Pestolis/Natalee Gray (IVC), 21-14, 21-15

5. Lauren Clifton/Nicole Miller (CUI) def. Sevilla Leuteneker/Gabi Brown (IVC), 18-21, 24-22, 15-13


Irvine Valley 4, The Master's 1

1. Jaclyn Sanchez/Emily Guenter (IVC) def. Chloe Johnson/Kassidy Wilson (TMU), 21-16, 21-17

2. Jolie Rasmussen/Barett Nolan (IVC) def. Kase Penger/Evi Yates (TMU), 22-20, 21-16

3. Diamonique Brogan/Chloe Swanson (IVC) def. Tara Long/Kaylie Phelps (TMU), 21-15, 21-16

4. EG Williams/Annika Booker (TMU) def. Alexandra Pestolis/Natalee Gray (IVC), 21-19, 21-17

5. Sevilla Leuteneker/Gabi Brown (IVC) def. Gwen Garate/Abby Janho (TMU), 21-19, 21-15