Women's beach volleyball team gets by Concordia and Nebraska

Courtesy of On My Game Photography
Courtesy of On My Game Photography

Irvine Valley's women's volleyball team's schedule is filled with matches against tough, four-year programs.

The Lasers earned two wins of the season against a couple of those schools on Friday afternoon in a fun, four-way even at the IVC sand complex.

Irvine Valley went, 2-1, on the day, ending the day with an impressive 3-2 win over NCAA Division 1 Nebraska. Nebraska received votes in the AVCA Coaches Poll this week.

The Lasers also scored a 4-1 victory against NCAA Division 2 Concordia.

Irvine Valley fell to Long Beach State, 5-0, in its other match. Long Beach State is ranked No. 5 in the NCAA Division 1 AVCA Coaches Poll.

IVC finished the day with the solid win over Nebraska.

The Lasers won two of the matches in three sets, including getting a 21-16, 19-21, 17-15 win from its No. 3 pair of sophomore Hannah Salaya and freshman Emilie Austin.

IVC's No. 1 pair of sophomore Taira Ka'awaloa and freshman Megan Ramseyer defeated Nebraska's Lauren Stivrins and Kelly Hunter, 21-19, 13-21, 15-13.

Ka'awaloa and Ramseyer went 2-1 on the afternoon.

The No. 5 team of sophomore Diamond Brogan and freshman Alyssa Vortouni also won, 21-16, 21-16, for the Lasers in the victory over Nebraska.

Brogan and Vortouni won both matches they played together on the day.

The Lasers also defeated Concordia thanks to taking two matches in three sets.

Ka'awaloa and Ramseyer rallied to beat Concordia's top team of Tristan Self and Vanessa Bernzen, 17-21, 21-18, 18-16.

Diamond Brogan and Vortouni came back to win, 18-21, 21-15, 15-9, over Concordia's Julie Denboer and Kekela Hendrickson.

Irvine Valley also picked up wins from its No. 2 pair of sophomore Olivia Aguilar and freshman Renata Bath (21-14, 21-18) and the No. 3 duo of sophomore Hannah Salaya and freshman Emilie Austin (21-19, 21-17).

IVC's pair of Aguilar and Bath played well against Long Beach State in the first match of the day. The duo fell to Sasha Karelov and Megan Kruidof, 21-11, 21-23.

Irvine Valley's record went to 3-6 overall on the season. Five of those losses have been to four-year programs.

And IVC will host two more four-year schools on Monday. The Lasers take on Oregon at 2 p.m. and Cal Poly at 3 p.m.

Long Beach State 5, Irvine Valley 0

1) Nele Barber/Rachel Nieto (LBSU) def. Taira Ka'awaloa/Megan Ramseyer (IVC), 21-10, 21-11

2) Sasha Karelov/Megan Kruidof (LBSU) def. Olivia Aguilar/Renata Bath (IVC), 21-5, 21-10

3) Hailey Harward/Kristyna Adamcikova (LBSU) def. Hannah Salaya/Emilie Austin (IVC), 21-5, 21-10

4) Nicci Reinking/Zoi Konstantopoulou (LBSU) def. Gabi Lau/Alma Entesari (IVC), 21-8, 21-10

5) Hannah Matt/Marisa Ramsey (LBSU) def. Diamond Brogan/Jade Parham (IVC), 21-3, 21-7

Irvine Valley 4, Concordia 1

1) Taira Ka'awaloa/Megan Ramseyer (IVC) def. Tristan Self/Vanessa Bernzen (CU), 17-21, 21-18, 18-16

2) Olivia Aguilar/Renata Bath (IVC) def. Avery Keathly/Riley Gill (CU), 21-14, 21-18

3) Hannah Salaya/Emilie Austin (IVC) def. Marcela Frazzoni/Kyra Auten (CU), 21-19, 21-17

4) Jessica Diederich/Asia O'Neil (CU) def. Gabi Lau/Alma Entesari (IVC), 22-10, 21-18

5) Diamond Brogan/Alyssa Vortouni (IVC) def. Julie Denboer/Kekela Hendrickson (CU), 18-21, 21-15, 15-9

Irvine Valley 3, Nebraska 2

1) Taira Ka'awaloa/Megan Ramseyer (IVC) def. Lauren Stivrins/Kelly Hunter (UN), 21-19, 13-21, 15-13

2) Anni Albright/Kenzie Malney (UN) def. Olivia Aguilar/Renata Bath (IVC), 21-14, 21-19

3) Hannah Salaya/Emilie Austin (IVC) def. Jazz Sweet/Sami Slaughter (UN), 21-16, 19-21, 17-15

4) Allie Havers/Jasmine Schmidt (UN) def. Gabi Lau/Alma Entesari (IVC), 21-14, 21-14

5) Diamond Brogan/Alyssa Vortouni (IVC) def. Kash Williams/Anezka Szabo (UN), 21-16, 21-16